Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Days

Foster-mama has been taking me for lots of walks with Roo lately. She says I'm doing really well so far.  She brings lots of yummy things along like hot dogs and cheese and I get to eat them whenever I'm good!

Sometimes on my walks I get to meet other doggies too! Sometimes I get really really excited and my butt wiggles until my tail is about it fall off! Every doggy I've met so far I've real really liked and foster-mama thinks that's just great!

I forgot to mention last time that I got to visit a new place last weekend...this place had allllll kinds of water and trees and it smelled like animals everywhere!! Foster-mama took me and Ruby to the water and she started throwing sticks..I wasn't too sure about throwing the sticks into the water at first, but then Ruby started chasing them! I couldn't believe it! After a couple minutes I just had to try it and I had SO much fun. Foster-mama says I can swim like a fish!! I played in the water for hours until I had no more energy left.  It's my new favourite thing.

So there ya have it, I love people, dogs, swimming, walking, and especially snuggling.
What's not to love people?

If you'd like to know more about me, visit my petfinder page! I'm a lovely adopt-a-bull girl after-all!!

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